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Hi ! I am Marilyn

My passion is sharing my story and tools for success with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Every single time I give a talk, or lead a workshop, its truly the embodiment of my dream. 

I'm a PERSON. I'm not a "power speaker " or a TV guru. I am a hard working woman, wife and mother. I feel things just like my audience. I have suffered with depression and anxiety. I have been there myself, down on my luck, thinking that life could not get worse. I have picked myself and moved on. I give heartfelt talks that come from my own life experiences. Sometimes I may swear, maybe even drop the F-bomb. I may get emotional and tear up and sometimes I may make you laugh but one thing you can count on is I am sincere. I am sincere in my stories and sincere in my wish to help inspire and achieve your dreams!


I believe in providing tools you can use immediately to begin getting results in your life. I'll share special stories from my clients, my upcoming book and my own life to help you see that whatever your dreams are, they CAN become reality.

Marilyn Barker

Speaker, Certified Vision Board Coach

Business and Life Empowerment Consultant

"Life is what you make of it, so you might as well make it good. Use the circumstances of your life to help you overcome and live the awesome life you deserve. "   -Marilyn Barker

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