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7 Apps for Breaking and Building Habits

There’s an app for that. It’s become a running joke; there’s an app for everything. Is there an app for habits? No. there are a lot of apps for habits.

HabitBull is a free flexible reminder program that lets you develop good habits. Habits require repetition and HabitBull provides the reminder to keep you on the track to develop the habit of your choice.

If you want to walk for three days in the week, HabitBull lets you set reminders on selected days. If you want to meditate for half an hour each day, you can record your accomplishments in minutes rather than Yes/No answers. The app creates trends, graphs and tracks your process to create that habit. HabitBull reminds you that it takes 66 days to create a habit and gives you a progress bar.

Productive (iPhone only application). Productive separates the new habit creation into three categories, morning and evening and whenever. It’s selective as to which it shows when, meaning that it shows the AM reminders before noon only and the PM reminders afternoon, also exclusively. This app is designed to force the user into incorporating the habit into their daily schedule as opposed to saving up or getting it over with early.

Strides. If you’re after a significant goal like losing weight, saving money reading a large number of books, then you should look at Strides. This app looks at the total time to complete any task and breaks it down into milestones that are measurable, trackable. It creates weekly and monthly goals to keep you on track.

Streaks (currently iPhone only). Streaks is an app to help you develop fitness goals. The plus of this app is that it hooks in nicely with Apple’s Health app. It tracks steps, measures heart rate, distance and more. It’s simple, handling only six habits at a time, and has a very easy-to-understand graphics display.

Habitica. This app is free and for the iPhone, Android, or web. Habitica takes good habits and converts them into something fun. It converts them into a video game you can play with friends. You can earn badges and battle monsters and hold each other accountable. If either of you fails to complete the reminder, you’re both penalized. This app has plans to coach you through the process of forming athletic habits and training. You can see videos and even contact live coaches for hire.

HabitFree (Android only) uses questions to help you keep your routine. “Did you brush your teeth?” “Did you go for a walk?” Not surprisingly, it focuses on streaks, how many days in a row you accomplished your task.

There are a lot of apps available, and the selection in the app store is changing all the time. Scan your options or search under “HABITS” for the one best suited for you.

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