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Do Something Different Once Per Week

You have probably heard or read on numerous occasions that setting a routine is the best means of accomplishing your goals. That has some truth to it. It’s similar to creating habits where repetition is the way to develop them. Sometimes, however, this can cause you to get into a rut or a funk. You still need to maintain your routine but need something to break it as well.

Commit to trying something different. You could do this every day or commit once per week. You could also do it once a month, but you may get more out of it with a higher frequency.

The idea is to have something else interesting looking forward. That will help you when tackling your routines. You can think about that new event or activity while you are getting through your daily grind.

You can choose to do any new activities on your own, with other people or a combination of the two. It’s entirely up to you. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to include other people and to meet new people as part of that. When you meet new people, they will share ideas that can stir the pot for you. That is good.

What kinds of activities should you strive to do? As examples, you could join a sports team. That’s good in the beginning but may also start to become routine after a while. Still, it has the potential of getting you to meet new friends.

If you want to go extreme, why not try skydiving? Admittedly, this is not for everyone. But, it can be something that you have wanted to try but too afraid to do. If it is too much, try something like ziplining first, and take it from there.

The activity doesn’t have to be full of adventure to break up your routine. For instance, perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument and eventually join a band. That’s another great activity to add to your list. Another idea is to join a reading group. This activity is a mix of getting together with people and some alone time.

To get more ideas, join local groups that will update you whenever new events happen. The more groups you join, the more options you will have available to you. Be warned, however. You may start having some fun!

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