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Fear or Self Doubt

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

I have been reading a lot lately about Fear and how it holds us back and how to overcome it but I beginning to thing that it isn't Fear but more like Self Doubt. Fear is something different and can affect is in a completely different way.  Today I am going to talk about Self Doubt.

We don't believe in ourselves, we doubt ourselves and our ablilites. We worry about what others will think or do or say.  Why do we do this? I believe we have been conditioned by society, by those around us. In Society, there seems to be a thin line between being confident and being vain.

It is so strange, for a society that is suppose to be promoting confidence and self esteem, we really don't encourage that.

Confidence is sometimes seen as being Full of themselves.. 

Why shouldn't we be full of ourselves.  Now I am not saying go out and boast and brag. But in today's day and age it is hard to be self assured. We have become a nation of judging others and shaming others.

Its no wonder we are all in self doubt.  From an early age our parents probably encouraged us and boosted our self esteem but as we grow older we get more outside negativity and we start to doubt what we are been taught our whole lives. We start to wonder if our parents just said those things because they are our parents and love us and will love us no matter what. So we start to Doubt what we have been told.  Strange how we always seem to find it easier to believe the bad than the good. Then maybe someone told us something negative about ourselves and it started there. A teacher who told us we couldn't do something, a peer who made fun of something we did.  For me this started in High School, and no matter how much I tried to talk myself into believing the negative and hurtful things said to me weren't true,, I still was overcome with self doubt. Every time I would make a mistake, it felt like it was a mistake 500 times worse then what it was. I would try to harder and then make even bigger mistakes and this was a vicious cycle in my life for about 10 years. My self esteem went down the drain and it seemed the harder I tried the bigger the disappointment.  I stopped trying for while. It wasn't fear of failing that held me back, it was the lack of confidence in myself that I could even succeed.

It wasn't till many many moons later that I learned how to live with this and move past it. I don't want to say I overcame my self doubt, not by a long shot but I learned how to deal with it and how to use it to help me.

We all make matter what anyone tells you. It doesn't even matter how big you think the mistake is what you learn from that makes that makes us stronger and more confidant.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Identify why you are doubting yourself

  2. Figure out your Why and understand it is bigger than you.

  3. Negate the Negative and Promote the Positive

  4. You only need permission from yourself

  5. Move, Exercise, get yourself moving

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