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Once this service has been purchased through paypal, you will receive an email with 48 hours with a life questionnaire (this will be sent to the email used on paypal- if you would prefer it sent to a different email please email support at after purchase).

Based on your questionnaire I will begin writing your CUSTOM plan. The plan will most definitely require you to do lots of homework.

You will have access to email me at any time, and will get a response from me within 24 hours Mon. – Fri. (emails received on weekends will be responded to on Monday). I encourage you to write long novels to me with each email and really let your thoughts and feelings be poured into each email. I will lovingly support you but also push you to do the work to get you to your goal. I will be following up with you if I don’t hear from you after a day or so.

To recap, here is what’s included in goal success coaching: custom assignments and activities based on your goal and life situation, ability to email me any time something pops into your head, Weekly/Monthly goal progress check ins, me tracking you down if you don’t check in with me, and the plan will change to accommodate your progress each month

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